Peugeot 309 after Baz took it banger racing.


Our Peugeot 309 failed the MOT and we decided it was not worth spending that much money on.
So on January 4th 2004 Barry Blackman took it banger racing at the Oval racetrack in Angmering.

Its original colour was silver but Baz painted it yellow as he always does because he is "Team Banana"(FruitSquad).

He had a good day, came 3rd in one race and won 20 for 1st place the Demolition Derby...Not bad!
It may not look like a Peugeot 309 after this but surprisingly the engine still runs! Enjoy the Pictures below:-
(Please click on a picture for a bigger image)

Front taken a bash So has the side Poor car Awwwwwww
Looks Crunched Took a few rear hits Nice dents Just the dashboard left.
Looks comfortable.... Looks Painful.... Go Fruit Squad! Radiator looks knackered
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