For those of you that donít know there has been a 30 foot caravan rusting away in our back garden for about the last 20 years, this was then filled with computer parts and other electronic bits from about 1995. (By me and a couple of other mates who shall remain nameless!)

After most of the computer parts were quickly outdated by todayís current fast markets I was left with a big project of emptying it and then disposing of the rusting carcass. (Which could no longer be towed out as we now have a 6 foot wall where 20 years ago there was a gate and the tow hitch would probably come off due to how rusty it was after all that time exposed to the elements.)

However it was fun and also worth recycling the aluminium as I got £100 for that (@50p a kilo) but unfortunately the rest had to go in a 15 yard skip, there goes my £100! Anyway after a lot of blood, sweat and beers I have finally dismantled the caravan and reclaimed some garden, it looks a whole lot better for it!


Please see the pictures in the sections below:-

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  • Stage 1 (Caravan in a healthy state?!)
  • Stage 2 (Slowly getting less junk)
  • Stage 3 (Ohhh....mind your head!)
  • Stage 4 (Cut in half)
  • Stage 5 (Back room...where am I gonna put all those monitors?)
  • Stage 6 (The back half better be taken apart too)
  • Stage 7 (Dismantling the floor)
  • Stage 8 (Me cutting up the chassis with an angle grinder!)
  • Stage 9 (Disposing of rubbish... how much stuff!?$%#)
  • Stage 10 (F,f,f,fire.......... Don't panic!)
  • Stage 11 (Garden pics before and after)



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