My 25th Birthday Helicopter Lesson.


Screen shots and video of my flight!


Screen shots from the video

The pre-flight briefing, showing me the basics of the helicopter and what the controls mechanically do.
Time to get in and start the engine, when the clutch is engaged we can take off!
Off the ground and hovering to check that it is clear 360° around us, you can see me in the pictures when we turn!
(I'm the one in the light clothes the pilot is in black.)

We fly over the airfield, get a slot from air traffic control and fly off into the blue yonder! (ok, well sort of grey)


Download the video of my helicopter lesson here!
Running Time= 10 mins ~ File= helicopter_flight.wmv ~ Size= 17meg
(Should open in Windows Media Player)

I recommend you right click on the link above and "Save Target As..."
as it will play a lot better, unless you have a fast internet connection.




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