My Concerts - Justin Timberlake 10/07/07.

The O2 Arena - London, UK.

My initial reaction on arrival at the new O2 was... "wow, this place looks nice", the inside of the former Millennium Dome had been transformed into a warm and inviting space with a brick paved street full of restaurants, brightened up with LED video screens and artificial trees.

We made our way up to the upper tier seating in the O2 Arena and yet another shock was in store for us..."Jeez this is high!". I'm not really scared of heights but I have to admit the balconies were very steep and very high! (I'd guess we were about 140Ft from the arena floor.) If you don't like heights then I wouldn't recommend you book these seats, however you do get a cracking view of the entire arena! (As shown in my pictures below.)


A short video clip of the concert!


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