Building work.

This is the part when me and my dad gave Paul (my brother in law) a hand building the extension as it had been dormant for a while, it was quite good fun but the weather was always bad... it rained and rained! The pictures below are the few that were taken when it was sunny ish.
(Please click on any picture below for a bigger image)
Putting in the lintels
The garage is done!
Me on a ladder
Finishing height of the side wall
for the roof trusses

Up goes the front wall
(that's me again)

All in the picture
Me pointing the brickwork
The side wall is done
Me taking a rest on the back elevation
See what I mean about bad weather..
Time for the roof and dormer windows to be installed
Back elevation
The roof is complete!
Time to fit the windows- at last!


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